Thursday, January 18, 2018

2018 : New Possibilities or Same o' Bullshit ?

...either way I got a feeling it's gonna be a year of unknown...

I wanted to maintain my consistency of blogging
by at least writing one new post per month ,
but I guess the only thing that's consistent about me is my inconsistency..

So to recap 2017 , a year with almost zero happenings ,
I've done nothing of significance (both to myself or to anyone else ) ,
got emotionally triggered few times throughout the year...
( & got slapped by reality along the way) ,
got myself an award ,hooray..?
(which doesn't really mean much , given my conditions),
got to try a few new things...
(& got disappointed cuz it wasn't as expected) ,
To summarize 2017 :
It sucks ,
but exactly the kind of year a sorry ass like myself deserved

So fast forward to present day , the 1st month of 2018 ,
& I've made a decision which I should've done a long time ago :
Quitting my job .

To be completely frank , I really just wanted to have a long break ,
so I chose to follow my heart while shutting off my rationale.

Let's see where my heart will lead me to next ?