Monday, October 2, 2017


If anyone has noticed , yes , I didn't write any post for the past two months ,
it's not because I was too busy or anything ,
I was simply not in the mood to write anything ..

Did anything interesting happened for the past two months?
No...maybe abit of yes...but mostly a no ...

So long story short ,
I was trying to build up some new 'connections' ,
& naively thought that I will nail it effortlessly ,
but of course it ended miserably at the end.

Needless to say , I gave up ,
just like how I gave up on many of the obstacles that were thrown at me during critical moments .
I was like "nope , forget about it , fuck it & I'm done doing this"

& so things remained the same , just like back then , just like..always

Although I should mention about one particular event ,
that happened totally unexpectedly , almost dream-like event ..
It's hard to put it on words...or maybe I'm just not feeling that comfortable writing it down details i mean ...

Suffice to say , it was a totally raw & new sensation to me ,
in a way it was like voyaging through an uncharted territory for the 1st time..
though things didn't went to as smoothly as I had hoped ,
in fact it was almost disappointing for the most part...
& it certainly didn't ended well...

Anyways , it's just the start of October ,
while I wanted to  say I'm looking forward for the exciting things to happen in this month ,
the sad truth is I knew this month might yet be another bored filled month .
Oh well , no expectations , no disappointments ,eh?