Tuesday, July 25, 2017

An Ending Without Closure

One year ago , on this exact date ,
a story has ended..

It was a story about a girl and a boy .

A decision was made on that fateful night ,
..not by the boy , but rather it was made for the boy..
A decision that ended the story.

At the end of the story ,
the girl has grown up to be a woman ,
while the boy..
The boy's time has stopped ever since...

They say time heals ,
or for the very least ,
it changes a person's mind .

That's true in some way ,
but time alone doesn't do all the magic by itself...
the person has to embrace the flow of time ,
to accept the very fact of this ever changing reality,
only then he could move along the time...

A year has passed ,
everything else has changed in one way or another ..
But one thing remained unchanged ,
the boy is still stuck in the deep pit,
just as he was being left there a year ago ..
shattered and without any closure.

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