Friday, May 5, 2017

May the Age of Expectations be with You

It's May now , so I'm officially 27 years old .
An age that comes with more even responsibilities & social expectations that the last..

 I'm still pretty much the same old me , 
which is not a good sign at all when it comes to this age...

It means I'm still as childish as before ,
unwilling to step up & take more responsibilities ,
do not have the urgency to plan things ahead  ,
no ambitions & slow in progress/make changes ,
resort to whining & sulking when things didn't go the way I hoped..

..the list goes on..

No wonder she left me & moved on with a more reliable dude ,
who looks more financially stable
taller , older & possibly more matured
& probably has bigger...
capacity and capability in fulfilling her needs & assuring her future...

May the force be with you 
Ya ,right , the force of social pressure and expectations is upon me every single seconds of my life currently...

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